You want technical support as a Mushroom Farmer. Or you may want to be an entrepreneur. And be knowledgeable in mushroom food processing. Be a HICC Member, we can help you.

As a cooperative, our mission is to unite all members for entrepreneurial purposes. Through the spirit of cooperative, and also, we support to uplift the economic status of every member. Furthermore, our vision is a peaceful and progressive, through the cooperative endeavor. 

As an entrepreneur, you will get the chance to participate in a venture that you enjoy. This increases the chances of your success in the venture since the individual is passionate and dedicated to work for the venture.

Entrepreneurship offers you flexibility, allowing you to participate in family and social activities, the capacity to set a salary that you believe is commensurate to your input and helps improve the level of motivation to achieve more.

As for the Cultured Oyster Mushroom, here’s a quick look at the nutritional benefits. And why these are so good for you. Cultured oyster mushrooms are low in calories not only fat-free but also they’re high in protein, and other essential nutrients namely; fiber, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, calcium, in addition to folic acid, vitamins B1, B3, B5 & B12, vitamin C & and above all, vitamin D.

Therefore, that’s literally and truly “Amazing Kabutenyo’s”. We are Honesty and Integrity Consumer Cooperative. The Home of Cultured Oyster Mushroom.