Our processed mushrooms have different variations to choose from. Through the process, we make sure that we deliver the best quality taste similarly to its health benefits.

Processed Mushrooms

But how do we process our mushroom?

To processed mushrooms, washed in cold water then blanched in boiling water for 3- 4 minutes then dry out in drier and packed.

Pre-treat mushroom in a solution to prevent blemish and moisture contaminates mushrooms very quick so packaging is important.

Different forms for drying

 Freeze drying, used for evaporating water from the processed mushrooms. The limitation is the high energy costs. Therefore it used for high-value products like mushrooms only. The limitation is high energy costs.

 Vacuum drying, products vacuumed at low-temperature. Widely practiced for product quality and economics. The products dried under vacuum at low-temperature and widely practiced for product quality and economics.

 Microwave drying is similar to freeze-drying but it’s a lower-cost method

 Hot air is air circulation over the product. Evaporation is controlled by temperature heating.

 Lastly, Sun-drying is a traditional system for the product. It takes time and the risk of product deterioration.

The latest drying technology is a combination of high-temperature flash drying followed by vacuum drying.