Health Benefits...

What can it do for our body?

Oyster mushrooms aren’t just appetizing, they can be really good for you as well with its health benefits!

They consist of antioxidants in addition to the vitamins and minerals that the human body needs.

Oyster mushrooms can lower cholesterol since they consist of a compound called statins. This statin drug usually given at hospitals. It’s acceptable to know that oyster mushrooms are the naturally-occurring form of this compound.

What does it have?

Oyster mushrooms consist of compounds called polysaccharides that display possible anti-tumor effects. They also consist of beta-glucans which can help to encourage the immune system and help fight cancer.

So far oyster mushrooms aren’t capable enough to cure cancer on their own, but scientists may derive rich compounds from mushrooms to treat cancer in the coming years.

What does it taste like?

After you cooked an oyster mushroom, it has a smooth texture and its taste like a slight seafood flavor.

Some people tell that oyster mushroom has an exquisite anise-like flavor.

If you incorporate the mushroom in a dish, it’s quite difficult to define its taste. In conclusion, it has a slight taste of an earthly note