About Us – Our Cooperative HICC, are unfailingly optimistic in every customer interaction and touchpoint. Above all, a warm and expressive outlook is the hallmark of cooperative and this Cultured Oyster Mushroom. Therefore, we thrive on creating sensory experiences for our customers. Similarly, we translate these positive strengths into Amazing Kabutenyo social experience for our brand.

Our Mission is to unite all members for entrepreneurial purposes through the spirit of cooperative thereby uplift the economic status of members, and our Vision as Cooperative members united, peaceful and progressive through cooperative endeavor.

About our objective as a Filipino is that we believe in the cooperative. Alone I am weak, but with others I am Strong. So I commit myself to work to cooperate. For all to be prosperous. Harmony, the industry I will value. Cooperative affairs I will attend. Responsibilities I will assume. The Cooperative Philosophy I will live. One vision, one belief, one feeling, In cooperativism my life I pledge. So help me GOD.

Our Objectives are, to gather people together for entrepreneurship through cooperative endeavor, put up coop merchandising and provide commodities with prices lesser than the prevailing market price, to uplift the economic condition of members, to further promote the spirit of cooperativism, to hold programs, project and raise funds to augment cooperative finances, put up loan and savings program, to work with non-governement and government organization / entities in the promotion and development of cooperative and in carrying out government policies, and finally, to adopt and exercise the Bible Study for the upliftment of each member’s spiritual life.