A Successful Oyster Mushroom Farmer from the Philippines. Featured in “I Juander” last February 22, 2018. She acquires 3 houses, different service vehicles, and hectares of properties. These are all because of her Cultured Oyster Mushroom Farming.

Successful Mushroom Farmer

Meet Myrna Alonsagay from Antique. A Successful Oyster Mushroom Farmer. She started her business with just 30,000.00 fruiting bags as capital. And now she earns about a Million every month. Myrna migrated to Manila as her daughter gone to college, and she tries her luck as a vendor in a market nearby. When a Mushroom farmer approaches her and introduces the mushroom. Which later on she re-sell on her market stall. She quickly saw the potential of Cultured Oyster Mushroom. That’s when she decided to start her own Mushroom Growhouse at her backyard. She already harvests 10 kilos of Mushroom in 4 months. From just harvesting raw mushrooms, she also discovers different ways of processing mushrooms. And these are Mushroom Tempura, Mushroom Atsara, Chicharron Mushroom, and Mushroom Peanut Butter.

With the help, a lot of hard work and determination Myrna already earned a million every month in Cultured Oyster Mushroom Business. And also, she started venturing on her own Mushroom Restaurant. And lastly, she will also be venturing on exporting mushrooms.

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